Sparkling water and summer are made to be enjoyed together.

Summer Sparkling Offers.

Sustainable water dispensers and taps, for great-tasting water in every workplace.

Borg & Overström design and manufacture sustainable water coolers and tap systems for all corporate, educational, healthcare and office environments. Elevate your hydration and enjoy chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot filtered water, without the need for single-use plastic bottles.

E6 - Evolved environmental sustainability, energy-efficiency and intelligent technology.

Smart and sustainable compact water dispenser
The latest evolution in sustainable water dispensing, the E6 combines intelligent eco-friendly technology, energy-efficiency and powerful performance in every pour. Featuring advanced energy-saving EcoMode technology, future-thinking SIMSecure connectivity and antimicrobial touch panel protection, the E6 is perfect for filling water bottles, glasses or carafes with freshly-filtered chilled, ambient, sparkling or hot water, all at the touch of a button.

T3 - Advanced hot tap technology for superior, sustainable hot & chilled drinks.

From a cup of tea to a glass of sparkling water, the versatile T3 tap offers the latest in energy-saving technology and uncompromising four-way filtered, premium water.